Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to Nokton's new blog space.

More to come soon!


  1. Peter, Could you possibly post the PDF of the manual for those of us outside of Japan who can’t buy the camera for a few more weeks?

    Thanks, Michael

  2. Peter, thanks for your review of the X-100. I played with it a bit the other day at Yodobashi and really didn't have time to figure much out. So I wanted to ask a couple of questions. First off, I think the model I played with didn't have a card in it because the memory would only hold about 4-5 pictures. But anyway, it was extremely slow to write to the memory. The little light would blink for about 5 seconds after each shutter. With a good memory card how long does it take to write a photo to memory?
    Secondly, I have big hands and found that my right thumb was continually hitting other things and changing the settings. Have you had any trouble getting used to holding it? Perhaps you are already accustomed to small cameras. I'm used to a DSLR...
    Finally, I was relieved to hear of your good experience with manual focusing. I didn't find the magnification button during my short play and found it very difficult to get even close to accurate manual focus without it...

    Thanks again,
    Jim Peterson